Editing Wedding Templates Made Easy with Corjl

Wedding planning is filled with important tasks, and creating the perfect stationery is a crucial aspect of the process. However, editing templates can often be a tedious and time-consuming process. But with Corjl, you can make it quick and effortless. Get a comprehensive guide to streamline your wedding stationery editing and take the hassle out of planning your special day.

Getting Started

To start editing, first find a template you like and purchase it. Once your payment is confirmed, you will have access to Corjl through either logging in with your order number or by receiving an email with a direct link.

What is Corjl

Corjl is an online tool that allows you to personalize your designs immediately after purchase. It offers several advantages, including:

  • No need to download any external software or fonts
  • Easy-to-use online tool
  • High-quality downloads
  • Instant access to items

What Can Be Edited?

With Corjl, you can edit several aspects of your templates, including:

  • Text (wording, font, color, size, and placement)
  • Add, duplicate, scale up and down text
  • Edit background color or add new backgrounds
  • Upload your own images
  • Add a back side

What Cannot Be Edited?

There are some limitations to what you can edit with Corjl, including:

  • The color of any watercolor artworks, such as wreaths or greenery
  • The size and orientation of your template. If you need these to be changed, please contact the seller for assistance.

        Frequently asked Questions

        How to edit text?

        1. Find the text you want to edit: Simply click on the text you want to change.

        2. Access the text editing options: Once you've clicked on the text, a text box will appear in the right sidebar, allowing you to make changes.

        3. Delete unwanted text: If you only need to make a few small changes, you can simply delete the unwanted text and insert your own.

        4. Change text formatting: Take a closer look at the sidebar and you'll see that you have many more options for changing the text. For example, you can change the font, size, and color, or adjust the line height, character spacing, and text alignment.

        5. Use the "Style Text" button: If you need even more options for formatting your text, click the "Style Text" button. This will open up additional options such as shadows, strokes, rotations, and more.

        6. Use the character map: If you need to add special characters like swooshes or French letters to your text, simply open the character map, select the character you want to insert, click "Copy," and paste it into your text using CMD+V (Mac) or STRG+V (Windows).

        With these simple steps, you'll be able to easily edit your text in Corjl, making your wedding templates truly your own!


        How to Add Custom Photos in Your Template?

        Adding custom photos to your template is easy with two simple steps. Follow this guide to add your own images:

        1. Replace a Placeholder Image: If you want to replace a placeholder image in your template, simply click on the image, select "Replace Image" from the right sidebar, and upload your photo in the pop-up window.

        2. Add an Additional Image: To add an extra image to your template, click on the "Add New Image" button in the right sidebar. From there, you can upload your image from your computer.

        3. Style Your Image: After uploading your image, you have the option to style it. Select the image, drag the corners to resize it, and use the "Style Image" option in the right sidebar to add shadows, strokes, brightness, contrast, saturation, and other styles.

        With these steps, you can easily add your custom photos and make them look stunning in your wedding template.


        How to Change the Background of Your Template?

        1. Click the "Edit Background" button in the right sidebar.
        2. A popup window will appear, offering you options to change the background color.
        3. You can adjust the color by sliding the color pickers or by entering a specific HEX code.

        In some templates, you may also have the option to change the color of specific design elements, such as a world map. To do this:

        1. Select the design element you want to change (e.g. world map).
        2. Click on the yellow "Change Image Color" button.
        3. Color pickers will appear and you can adjust the color as desired, either by sliding the pickers or by entering a specific HEX code.

        With these simple steps, you can easily change the background color to match your personal style and preference.


        How do I add or delete pages in my design?

        Adding or deleting pages in your design is easy. Simply look for the icons located at the top of the canvas. The icons include options to add or delete pages, navigate to the next or previous page, and zoom in or out.

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