The Scoop on Wedding Newspapers: Your Ultimate Guide

So, you've said "yes" and taken those dreamy engagement photos – now it's time to take your wedding game up a notch with your very own personalized wedding newspaper! Yep, you heard it right. Wedding newspapers are the latest trend that adds a touch of vintage charm and personalization to your big day. Let's dive into all the juicy details on how to create and share this unique keepsake with your guests.

When to Start

Once you've taken your engagement photos and have all the juicy details of your love story ready to share, it's time to start working on your wedding newspapers. Give yourself plenty of time to design and print them before the big day.

What to Include

Your wedding newspaper can be as personalized as you want it to be. Include your love story, details about the big day, fun facts about the bridal party, a timeline of your relationship, and even a crossword puzzle with clues about your journey together. Don’t forget to add photos to bring your stories to life! Bonus Tipp: My shop offers a range of newspaper templates with unique layouts for you to choose from. Whether you want to include your honeymoon fund or your furry friends, we've got you covered.

Where to print

There are plenty of online services that offer customizable newspaper templates for your wedding. Sites like Newspaper Club make it easy to print your own custom newspaper. You can choose from different sizes, paper types, and designs to suit your style.

What Paper You Should Use

For that authentic newspaper feel, opt for newsprint paper. It gives your wedding newspaper a vintage touch and adds to the overall charm of the piece. Plus, it’s easy to fold and carry around, making it a convenient keepsake for your guests.

Where to Place Them/Give Them to Your Wedding Guests

On the big day, consider placing your wedding newspapers at the entrance to your venue or on each guest’s seat. You could also have them handed out by ushers as guests arrive or include them in welcome bags for out-of-town guests. The goal is to make sure everyone gets a copy to enjoy!

Cute Little Details

To add some extra charm to your wedding newspapers, consider including cute little details like adding a pencil with your names on it for guests to use for the crossword puzzle or including a personalized bookmark as a thoughtful keepsake.

Creating personalized wedding newspapers is a heartwarming way to share your love story with your guests and make your big day even more special. So, get creative, have fun with it, and watch your guests be delighted by this unique touch at your wedding!

Happy planning and happy printing! ❤️📰

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