Create Stunning Wine Bottle Labels

These are the key steps to create your own wine bottle labels or tags. The process is the same no matter if you use these labels for a gift, to announce your pregnancy or for the most original wine bottle table numbers. This step-by-step guide will ensure your bottle labels will impress your customers, friends, family or guests. 

What you will need:

For labels:

For tags:

  • wine bottle label/tag template
  • printer
  • wine bottles
    • card stock
    • hole punch
    • scissors
    • yarn

    If you do not want to print the labels by yourself at home you can also order them online. Make sure to choose the right label size (5x3.5’’ for most of my templates, please make sure to check the product description of your template).

    Step 1

    Choose your wine label/tag design, edit and download the template. You can change the text, wording, font size, color and position. Additionally you can add your own photos or change the background color.

    Step 2

    Print your labels on card stock or sticker paper (4 on one page possible).

    Step 3

    For labels: make sure your wine bottles are clean, peel of the sticker paper and apply the label to the bottle.
    For tags: cut the tags with scissors and make a hole for the yarn. Tie the tag with the label to the bottle.


    Photos from customer reviews:

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