DIY Envelope Liners

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Do you want to add a unique detail to your wedding invitations? How about envelope liners. In this step-by-step guide you will learn how to edit, download, cut, fold and insert those to add a special detail to your invitation cards.

You need:

envelopes, envelope liner template, computer & printer, scissors, glue roller

How it works

  • Choose the correct envelope format for your invitations
  • For 5x7'' invitations, use A7 envelopes
  • Edit the liner template if desired
  • Click the download button in the left sidebar and select "PDF"
  • Ensure the download settings match the required specifications (see image below)
  • Open the file on your computer and select 8.5x11'' for paper size
  • Make sure to print at 100% to ensure proper sizing
  • Print the liner on thin paper
  • Cut along the line
  • Position the liner inside the envelope and fold it
  • Apply glue to the edges of the liner
  • Fold the envelope together to secure the liner in place
  • Voila! You've successfully added a liner to your envelope.
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