Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading Your Template

In this article, I will teach you how to download your template. Depending on the size of the template and whether you want to print at home or with a professional printer you need to consider different settings.

After you finished editing you need to download your template in order to print. You cannot print directly from Corjl but need to save a file (jpeg or pdf) on your computer.

Print at home

Before we start here are some advice to decide whether you should print at home or not:

I recommend printing at home if...

  • If you only print black and white
  • if you are printing just a few cards (small amount)

I recommend printing at home if...

  • front- and backside need to align exactly
  • you want to print full color with bleed
  • you want to print photos
  • you want to use heavy card stock (most office printers won’t be able to deliver a good quality on thick paper)
  • wedding invitations in general (believe me, you want those to be perfect)

Now that you know when you should print at home let’s dive into the download settings.

How to download

Press the download button in the left sidebar, a separate pop up window will appear. Choose the file format PDF. Next you need to insert the paper format you want to print on and the pages. In most cases you will choose „All“.

I recommend to choose „Show Bleed“ this will add some extra space around the edges and make it easier to cut afterwards. If you want trim lines you can also add these in this step.

Tackle the box „Print Multiples Per Page If Possible“ if you want to save paper.  

That’s it 🎉 you should now see a small preview of the file and just need to press the button to download. 

Download editable template to print at home


Print with a professional printer

Start by clicking the download button in the left sidebar, a separate pop-up window will appear. There you can choose the file format. Choose PDF or JPEG whatever format your printer prefers. Then click next.

If you choose PDF make sure to choose „Design Default Size“ for paper size. When you chose JPEG it will automatically choose the default size of your template.

Next choose „Show Bleed“ for both file formats to add some extra space around the edges. Don’t tackle „Show Trim Marks“ for professional printers!

how to download if you want to use professional printing service

As always please be aware that due to the nature of digital (RGB Colors) versus printing (CMYK Colors), slight color variation may occur based on the calibration of your monitor. I highly recommend to do test prints before you print in bulk. Both for printing at home but also if you print with a professional printer.

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